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Jun 27, 2024

You might be tempted to turn your septic drainfield into a gardening space. The area often receives plenty of sunlight and might seem like wasted space, especially if it's a sizable portion of your yard. The promise of a flourishing vegetable patch or a vibrant flowerbed right outside your door can be appealing. While a garden might seem like a lovely addition to your yard, planting one over your septic drainfield is a recipe for disaster.

Here at Rooter Man Plumbing, we understand what goes into keeping your septic drainfield healthy, thanks to our professional expertise and industry experience. In this article, we will explain why planting a garden over the septic drainfield is a bad idea. We are trusted septic experts offering a wide range of services, including septic tank installation, repair, and maintenance. If you’re looking for a trusted septic company to inspect your drainfield and offer professional recommendations, get in touch with Rooter Man Plumbing.

Why Planting a Garden Over a Septic Drainfield Is Discouraged

  • Risk of Root Intrusion

The biggest threat to your septic drainfield comes from thirsty trees, shrubs, and deep-rooted vegetables. Their roots can infiltrate the drainfield pipes and cause expensive damage. These intrusive roots can snag and break drain lines and impede the flow of wastewater. This can lead to backups in your drains and overflows in your yard. To avoid all these problems, keep greenery away from this particular area.

  • Soil Compaction

The weight of plants, combined with regular foot traffic while tending to your garden, can compact the soil in the drainfield. This compaction reduces the space needed for air and water to circulate freely. Furthermore, healthy drainfields rely on porous soil to effectively absorb treated wastewater. Compacted soil acts like a barrier, thereby preventing proper drainage. This can overwhelm the system and lead to backups and potential contamination.

  • Disruption of Drainfield Functionality

The combined effects of root intrusion and soil compaction disrupt the proper functioning of your septic drainfield. Wastewater can't drain efficiently, leading to a number of problems:

  • Backups and overflows: As mentioned earlier, clogged and compacted soil prevents proper drainage, causing sewage to back up into your home or overflow in your yard.
  • Environmental Hazards: Untreated wastewater can seep into the surrounding soil and groundwater, contaminating your drinking water and harming the environment.
  • System Strain: A stressed septic system is more prone to damage and expensive septic tank repairs. You might find yourself facing hefty bills for replacing clogged pipes or a failing drainfield. Taking good care of your septic drainfield will not only save you money in the long run, but there’s also a peace of mind that comes with it.

Tips To Keep Your Septic Drainfield Healthy

  • Be mindful of what goes down the drain—avoid flushing items like wet wipes, diapers, condoms, feminine hygiene products, and grease.
  • Schedule regular septic tank pumping to remove excess solids that can’t be broken down.
  • Do not park or drive over the drainfield—the weight can damage the pipes and disrupt the soil.
  • Divert water away from the drainfield to avoid oversaturating the area.
  • Schedule regular septic tank cleaning to prevent clogs and potential contamination of the soil and groundwater.
  • Try to space out water-intensive activities like laundry or showering to avoid overloading the system.
  • Schedule regular drainfield inspections with a professional septic company.

Contact Rooter Man Plumbing Today If You Need Septic Help

Rooter Man Plumbing is the name you can rely on for all of your septic system needs. Whether it be septic tank repair, drainfield repair, or septic maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


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