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Mar 27, 2024

Could You Do Drain Snaking On Your Own?

Most of us don't think about our drains until we are stuck with standing water in the sink or bathtub. A clogged drain is more than just an annoyance, it can cause water to backup and overflow, damaging floors, walls, and belongings. When you encounter a clogged drain, you may ask yourself: Can I snake my own drain? This is one of the common questions we get from homeowners dealing with drain clogs. It is a valid question, and we will provide you with an exhaustive answer in this post.

Can I Snake My Own Drains?

The answer to this question is YES. You can use a drain snake to clear minor clogs caused by food waste, hair, grease buildup, or physical objects. If you know how to use a drain snake correctly, you can definitely snake your own drains and restore proper functioning. However, tougher clogs caused by tree roots, pipe damage, or mineral buildup may require professional intervention from a trusted plumbing service. You may also have to call a nearby plumber to help you out if you're unsure about DIY plumbing.

Risks of DIY Drain Snaking

  • Damage to the interior pipe

Improper snaking techniques or using a snake on old or brittle pipes can cause scratches or punctures. These damaged areas can serve as collection points for debris, accelerating future clogs.

  • Injuries

Although they're rare, drain snake injuries do occur. The tip of a drain snake, especially motorized ones, can cause cuts if you accidentally touch it while feeding it into the drain or while it's spinning. You can also get injured if you lose control of the drain snake, particularly electric models.

  • You can make the clog worse

Drain snaking helps to clear clogs in most cases, but it can sometimes worsen the situation. Using the wrong approach can push the clog further down the pipe, compact the clog, or dislodge mineral buildup, creating new clogs further down the line. That's why it's a good idea to assess the severity of the clog before opting for drain snaking. It's also advisable to use the right size and type of snake. When in doubt, call a professional plumbing repair service that provides top-notch drain cleaning services. Professional plumbers use specialized cameras to assess the severity and location of the clog.

If you're unsure about using a drain snake safely, it's always best to call a professional plumber specializing in clogged drain line repair to avoid injuries and get the job done right.

Knowing how to snake your own drain can save the day if you experience a clogged drain during odd hours. You don't want to feel helpless in the middle of the night with standing water in your kitchen sink. With a drain snake and DIY skills, you can get your sink or tub drain flowing freely again.

Here Are Step-By-Step Instructions for Snaking Your Drain

  • Step 1: Place a bucket under the drainpipe to catch any water or debris that might dislodge during snaking.
  • Step 2: For sinks, you might need to remove the P-trap by loosening the slip nuts with a wrench or pliers. Place a rag under the connections to catch any spills.
  • Step 3: Slowly insert the cable into the drain while turning the feeding handle to release the cable.
  • Step 4: Feed the snake until you feel resistance. For sinks, if you disconnected the P-trap, feed the snake until it reaches the trap opening.
  • Step 5: Once you meet resistance, tighten the thumbscrew to hold the cable in place, then crank the handle to rotate the auger and break up the clog.
  • Step 6: Gradually feed more cable while turning the handle to break up and move the clog. You might feel less resistance or hear a grinding sound as the snake breaks through the clog.
  • Step 7: Once you think the clog is cleared, slowly withdraw the snake while turning the handle to remove the debris.
  • Step 8: Run hot water for a few minutes to clear any remaining debris and test if the clog is gone.
  • Step 9: Reassemble the P-trap if you had removed it.

If snaking doesn't work, the clog might be too deep, dense, or caused by something the snake can't handle. In this case, consider calling a professional plumbing service to help you out.

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