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Dec 07, 2023

Should You Buy Septic Tank Additives?

Homeowners that rely on private sewage treatment must maintain a healthy septic system. To guarantee the longevity of the system, regular septic tank repairs, installs and pumpings are standard procedures. But there are a ton of septic tank additives on the market that promise to be the answer to every septic problem. It's imperative that you consider the advantages and disadvantages as a responsible homeowner before making an investment in these additions.

In this blog post, our professionals from Rooter Man will give you the facts and advice on if you should buy septic tank additives.

Understanding the Basics: Septic Tank Maintenance

Understanding the fundamentals of septic tank maintenance is essential before diving into the world of septic tank additives. Many homes are equipped with septic tanks, which act as independent sewage treatment systems. It takes regular pumping, usually every three to five years, to clear accumulated sludge and avoid system failure.

Septic tank installations and repairs are also required when problems occur or when the system needs to be upgraded. Professional septic firms that specialize in preserving the health and functionality of septic systems carry out these routine tasks.

The Allure of Septic Tank Additives

Additives for septic tanks are promoted as an easy way to improve septic systems' functionality. It can be alluring to hear claims of decreased odors, better bacterial balance, and longer intervals between pumpings. However, before you take out your wallet, make sure to carefully consider these statements.

Pros of Septic Tank Additives

  • Bacterial Boost: According to certain additions, beneficial bacteria are added to the septic system to help break down particles and create a more hospitable microbiological environment.
  • Odor Control: Some additives have the ability to reduce odors, making the area around your septic system more pleasant.
  • Sludge Reduction: According to certain items, there will be less sludge accumulated, which could mean fewer septic tank pumpings needed in between.

Cons of Septic Tank Additives

  • Effectiveness Debate: Septic tank additives' efficacy is a subject of continuous discussion among specialists. Although certain studies yield encouraging results, others imply that the general health of the system may not be significantly impacted by these products.
  • Environmental Concerns: When specific chemicals are added to the septic system, environmental issues may arise. Certain additives could include harsh chemicals that upset the septic tank's natural equilibrium.
  • Not a Replacement for Regular Maintenance: It's crucial to remember that regular maintenance, such as pumping, repairs, and installs, should not be replaced by septic tank additives. Depending just on additives could result in the abandonment of important responsibilities, which could eventually lead to more serious problems.

Making an Informed Decision

Making educated decisions should come first when deciding whether to purchase septic tank additives. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Speak with Professionals: Get advice from respectable septic businesses prior to making any additive purchases. Experts can provide you information about your septic system's particular requirements and whether or not additives are a workable solution.
  • Examine Research and Reviews: Invest some time in reading the opinions of homeowners who have applied septic tank additives. Make sure the items' ingredients follow eco-friendly guidelines by doing some research on them.
  • Regular Maintenance First: Put routine septic tank installs, repairs, and pumping ahead of additives. Additional assistance is less likely to be needed for a well-maintained septic system.

Need a Reliable Company?

Are you in need of a septic company? Luckily, we at Rooter Man have dedicated workers ready at your service. Contact our representatives for more questions.


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