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Feb 01, 2024

Signs You Need a New Septic Tank

There’s no doubt that septic systems are built to last. The lifespan of a septic system can vary greatly, ranging from 30 to 40 years, depending on construction material, usage, maintenance, environmental factors, and several key factors. In fact, when you keep your septic system properly serviced with regular septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, and inspections, it can last more than 40 years. However, like other utility systems in your home, a septic system has a shelf life. It won’t last forever. After years of use, it will need a replacement. Today, Rooter Man Plumbing discusses a few of the common signs that your septic system is failing and may need replacement. We are a top-rated septic company that you can rely on for all of your septic needs, including septic tank installation, septic repairs, drainfield maintenance, and more. Continue reading to find out the top 5 indications you should replace your septic system:

  • Old Age

Septic systems, like all things, eventually succumb to old age. While their average lifespan ranges from 20 to 40 years, just like that reliable old car, a septic system that’s up there in age is more susceptible to breakdowns. If your septic system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s time to start considering a replacement, especially if you’ve noticed any other warning signs.

  • Persistent Septic Tank Issues

Frequent backups, sluggish drains, and unwelcome odors wafting from the yard are not just annoyances; they’re your septic system's distress calls. While occasional hiccups can happen, persistent issues, even after septic tank repair, point to deeper problems that need to be resolved once and for all. Ignoring these signs for help can lead to costly damage and messy situations, so don’t hesitate to listen up and consider a system upgrade before things get worse. Some of the septic issues can be resolved by septic tank pumping and cleaning. It’s advisable to schedule a professional inspection and get sound advice from a reputable septic company.

  • Failed Water Test

Regular water tests are your septic system’s report cards, and failing them is a serious red flag. Contaminated water isn’t just a plumbing issue; it’s a potential health hazard. A failed water test usually points to a failing septic tank. If your test results come back with a failing grade, it’s not just about passing the next one; it’s about protecting your family's well-being. You should consider septic tank repair or a new system as an investment in both your home and your health.

  • Increased Household Size

Just like your family’s needs evolve, so do your septic system’s demands. If your household has significantly expanded since the system was installed, it might be struggling to keep up. It’s never a good idea to strain your septic system, as it could lead to frequent issues and septic failure. Our septic experts recommend you consider a system upgrade to accommodate your expanding needs.

  • Inspection Results Suggest A Replacement Is Necessary

Regular professional inspections are essential for keeping your septic system in tip-top shape. The experts have a keen eye for potential problems, and their recommendations should be taken seriously. If your inspector suggests replacement, it’s not a scare tactic; it’s sound advice. Ignoring their warnings can lead to major headaches and expensive repairs down the line. You should schedule a professional septic system inspection at least once a year to maintain system efficiency, detect issues early, and protect your health. Routine inspections will also help you determine whether it's time for septic tank pumping to keep your septic system in tip-top condition.

Need Reliable Septic Services? Rooter Man Plumbing Is Here To Help You

If any of the 5 signs discussed above sound familiar, call Rooter Man Plumbing for a professional inspection. Our septic technicians will inspect your septic system and advise whether you need a replacement. Contact Rooter Man Plumbing for all your septic system needs, from septic tank installation to septic tank repair and maintenance. We have decades of experience, and our services are reliable, friendly, and affordable.


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