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Jun 20, 2024

At Rooter Man Plumbing, we take great pride in providing quality water heater services. With decades of industry experience and professional expertise, we know different types of water heaters inside and out. Today, we’ve reviewed 10 commonly asked questions about hot water heaters. Remember, we are available for all of your water heater needs, including tankless water heater installation.

  • Which Type of Water Heater Is Best?

There’s no single "best" type of water heater. The ideal choice depends on your individual needs and priorities. You’ll need to consider factors like hot water usage, budget, space constraints, and fuel availability when making your decision. Consulting a qualified plumber can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific situation.

  • What Is the Right Size Water Heater for Me?

The right size water heater depends on household size and hot water usage. For a family of 3—4 people, a 40-50 gallon water heater is recommended. Larger families with more than 7 people will require a larger-capacity water heating system, ideally

  • When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

It’s advisable to replace your water heater when it approaches or exceeds its lifespan, which is 8-12 years for storage tank water heaters and 10-15 years for tankless units. You may also want to consider a water heater replacement if you notice signs of inefficiency, such as increased energy bills and less hot water than usual. If you’re unsure if you need to replace your water heater, consult with a trusted plumbing repair service.

  • Why Do I Not Get Enough Hot Water Or As Much Hot Water As I Used To?

Getting inadequate hot water can be caused by increased demand, decreased water heater capacity, a failing heating element, or an incorrect thermostat setting. If the problem persists after adjusting the thermostat to the correct setting, get in touch with a professional plumber for water heater repair.

  • Why Does My Water Heater Make A “Rumbling” Noise?

A rumbling noise coming from your water heater is an indication of sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. Flushing your water heater can resolve this problem and enhance heating efficiency. If the noise persists after flushing the system, schedule water heater repair with a professional plumbing company.

  • Are Tankless or “On Demand” Water Heaters A Good Alternative?

Tankless water heaters are a good alternative if you’re looking for an unlimited supply of hot water on demand. They are also recommended for those looking to save on energy bills, as they eliminate standby heat loss that occurs in storage tanks.

  • What Is the Best Temperature Setting for A Water Heater?

The recommended water heater temperature ranges from 120°F (48.9°C) to 140°F (60°C). This is the ideal temperature setting for comfortable showering and dishwashing. Besides, it prevents scalding and allows you to save on energy bills.

  • Why Does The Water Take So Long to Heat Up?

The possible reasons your water heater is taking too long to heat water are sediment buildup or a failing heating element. Flushing your water heater should resolve the sediment buildup problem. For a failing element, get in touch with a professional plumbing repair service.

  • Will My Water Heater Work if I Don’t Have Power?

An electric water heater will not function during a power outage because it relies on electricity as its primary energy source. The modern gas water heaters that use electronic ignition to light the pilot light will also not work during a power outage because they can’t initiate the ignition process without electricity. However, gas water heaters with a continuous pilot light will continue to function normally during a power outage because the ignition process is independent of electricity.

Can I Install My Own Water Heater?

Unless you’re a skilled and experienced plumber, it’s not advisable to install a water heater yourself. Tankless water heater installation is a job that should be left to skilled and experienced plumbers.

Looking for a dependable water heater service? Contact the skilled plumbers at Rooter Man Plumbing.


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