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Jun 15, 2024

If you rely on a septic system for wastewater treatment, it’s important to be aware of the damage invasive tree roots can cause. Tree roots, in search of water and nutrients they need to thrive, can infiltrate septic systems, causing a myriad of problems. If you have trees with invasive roots on your yard, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way into your septic system. Thankfully, there are several ways to keep tree roots away from your septic system.

Here at Rooter Man Plumbing, we take pride in offering top-tier septic services, including septic tank pumping and cleaning. With our extensive industry experience, we know what you can do to protect your septic system from tree roots. If you need help protecting your septic system from tree root infiltration, we are one phone call away.

How Tree Roots Get into Your Septic System

  • Cracks and Joints

Over time, cracks can develop in septic tanks and pipes, creating openings for roots to squeeze in. These cracks may be caused by settling of the ground, wear and tear, or improper installation.

  • Drain Line Connections

Tree roots can sneak into your septic system through the connections between your house's drain line and the septic tank or drain field. These connections are particularly vulnerable if they are not properly sealed or if the protective caps have become damaged or missing.

  • Cleanouts and T-Fittings

Cleanouts are capped openings installed along septic lines to allow for inspection and maintenance. T-fittings are junctions where two pipes connect. Both cleanouts and T-fittings can provide entry points for roots if the caps or fittings are not properly sealed. It’s important to inspect the cleanouts and T-fittings regularly and call a professional septic company for repairs when you notice a problem.

  • Aging Pipes

Older septic systems may have been constructed with clay or concrete pipes, which are more susceptible to root invasion than modern PVC pipes. These older pipes can develop cracks or gaps over time, allowing roots to enter. If your septic system has seen better days and it’s exhibiting signs of failure, we recommend you get in touch with a septic service that offers septic tank installation to help you replace the system.

Signs of Root Intrusion in Your Septic System

  • Soggy areas or lush patches in your yard
  • Sewage odors around your drain field or septic tank
  • Sewage backup into your drains or even overflow from your septic tank
  • Slow drains in your sinks, showers, and toilets

If you suspect that tree roots have found their way into your septic system, call Rooter Man Plumbing for septic tank repair.

Ways To Protect Your Septic System From Tree Roots

  • Avoid planting trees with aggressive root systems, such as willows, elms, maples, and poplars. These trees have roots that can grow long distances and easily invade your septic system.
  • If you already have trees near your septic system, you can install root barriers to prevent them from invading the pipes. Call a trusted septic company to help you install the root barriers.
  • Use copper sulfate to kill tree roots. It can be applied directly to exposed roots or flushed down your toilets in small doses.
  • Have a professional septic company inspect your septic system regularly. That includes scheduling regular septic tank pumping to ensure optimal performance.

How Rooter Man Plumbing Can Help

If you think that your septic system has been invaded by tree roots, please call Rooter Man Plumbing for assistance. We have a team of qualified and experienced septic technicians who are ready to conduct a comprehensive inspection and get your septic system working properly again. You can count on us for all of your septic system needs, including septic tank cleaning, repairs, and replacement.


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